Eighteen CLBC members, mostly kayakers, spent 1.5 hours collecting rubbish around Champion Lakes as part of Clean Up Australia Day on 6 March. Christiena Bluett, a local resident  who regularly cleans around the lake, gave the members some tips and information about hazards they might meet.  We all set off with bags and some curiosity about what we would find. The most interesting find was a discarded bike wheel, obviously one peeved off cyclist!



Other items collected in the 25 bags of rubbish  included course buoys, plastic water bottles, cans, plastic bags, cigarette butts.  Michelle did her part managing to sign up a couple of new members who were curious abouut what we were all doing. Many other community members walking or cycling stopped to say what a good job we were all doing. We finished off with a photoshoot and a good cup of tea and cakes!


 Thanks to everyone who helped out to keep our lake pristine!